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What is Invoice Discounting ?

Invoice discounting is a financial arrangement that lets businesses unlock the value of their unpaid invoices. Rather than waiting for customers to pay, businesses can borrow money against the total value of their invoices from a finance provider.

The business retains the responsibility for collecting payments from customers. It's a way to access quick cash flow without your customers knowing you're using a finance service.

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Benefits of Invoice Discounting:

  • Control – Your credit control maintains its function.

  • Speed – Swift access. Unlock up to 100% of the funds in your invoices so you don’t have to wait to be paid.

  • Privacy – Our confidential service means your customers are unaware you are using Invoice Discounting.

  • Convenience – Management systems are available, so you can always check your funding.

  • Peace of Mind – Bad Debt Protection can help protect you against customer insolvency.

  • Competitively Priced – can help to reduce finance costs.

Will you Qualify?

  • You are a business that sells to other businesses.

  • You turnover more than £50,000 per annum or you are a new start business.

  • You invoice your customers on credit terms.

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