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What is Single Invoice Finance (Spot Finance) ?

If you don’t want to use invoice finance regularly, we have the solution for you – Single Invoice Finance.

Single Invoice Finance (also known as Spot Finance) can be used to help your business grow. You can fund invoices from as little as £500. This may be the way forward for your business with no lengthy contracts or monthly minimum charges.

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We help you set up an online funding facility for your business; you can use this as often or as little as you require. You have complete flexibility.

It’s a simple pay-as-you-go system, and you choose the invoices you want to fund. All costs are visible before you commit, and no long-term contracts exist. Unlike other invoice finance options, there are no monthly minimum fees or additional charges, so you are in control.

What’s more, same-day payments pass through at no cost, and you can receive up to 85% advance rates or up to 70% advance rates on construction or contractual sectors.

You get an online portal that interacts with your accounts package and a dedicated account manager to help with any queries. Our approach is perfect for SMEs from all sectors.

Go-Factor helps fund businesses from start up’s to corner shops. We support business growth, ensuring overheads are kept to a minimum. 

Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

The Benefits

  • Simple Pay as you Go system

  • No monthly minimum charges

  • Complete Flexibility

  • On-Line Portal

  • No Obligation

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